Web Development

In this page I will present my previous experience in web development.
The images shown bellow are sites that I made in the period of 3 months.

I began to learn HTML and CSS on my own in 2017, it was the best thing that I could posibly do at that age, but quickly quit because it didn't seems impresive. After 2 and a half years, in the autum of 2019 I've decided that I must focus on my computer science skills and I rebegin to learn web development, but this time I was more mature and I was determineted to build a solid fundation. I began by remembering basic HTML and CSS stuff and after that I heard about Bootstrap I quickly found out that is the best thing that exist (regrding page layout). After finishing my firts pages made with Bootstrap, I got really confident in my skills and began to learn JavaScript which turned out to be a more easy alternative to C++ (which I have used for the past 1 year), also found out that I could make basic games using DOM and jQuery and tried to learn those things too.

After I thought that my understanding of how the front end works and how I could make page layouts I began to learn back end. It was a challenging experience, because I didn't have any prior knowledge about databases or web protocols, but quickly figured out how most of things work and I began to learn the MEAN framework, because I heard that is one of the most used framework out there,M - Mongo DB as a database system, E - Express as a back-end web framework, A - Angular.js as a front-end framework and N - Node.js as a brack-end runtime environment. I first started with Node.js and found out how to use apis, which blew my mind at that time and quickly got alot of ideas. I skipped Angluar.js (because I didn't find that interesting) and I began to learn Express and Mongo DB. I really liked Mongo DB, because it is a nonSQL database, which means that I could make my own variables and be more flexible.

In this list I will write about the images shown above.

  1. Frist page after 2 and a half years, its a basic one, it only uses HTML and CSS.
  2. First experience with Bootstrap 4, a truly important experience.
  3. First intro page layout, the cat shown is my actual cat Miss Firea.
  4. Game attempt that I made using JS and HTML canvas.
  5. To do list (not original), made using jQuery.
6,7,8,9 Represent CFE (Cats For Everyone).
My first fullstack website I made , for front end I used Bootstrap and for back end I used the MEAN stack.
I wanted to make a social network for cats lovers, it had basic features every social media have, like, a main page(6), profile creation(7), profile page(8), profile editing(9). It was a truly amazing experience and I understand how most social media sites works.

Now in April 2020, after almost a month of exams and rest, I've decided to put my portofolio and previous experience in one website to display them, so I purchased a domain and found a cheap host. Firstly I wanted to made the website with another aplication, such as WordPress, but that wont prove anything about my skills in web development, it will only show that I could press on some buttons to have my site finished, so I started to made my own site from scratch. I began by making the navbar and the intro page and after that I began to made the layouts for the other pages and to make the photo gallery system with lightbox.
Making this website took me around 40 hours transfered around 1 week, which look like a normal work week.

Making this site thought me important of things, such as: