Silver & Steel Swords

I made a silver and steel sword, inspired by The Witcher 3
Using Blender for modeling, Substance Painter for texture
and Marmoset Toolbag 3 for render

Work time : 4:00h (Silver) / 4:00h (Steel) (02.03.2020-06.03.2020)
0:30h / 1:15h Low poly mesh
2:40h / 1:15h High poly mesh
0:30h / 1:15h Texture
0:30h Render

As in the case of P2020, making these swords help me understand this kind of workflow.
The steel sword is the first one that I did and you can see that by the amount that the low poly mesh it took me to make it. Also it was my first time sculpting so that's why the high poly for the silver sword took me that much.
The technique that I use for modeling was to have a reference of the swords facing sideways so I could have an easier time trying to model them. Also I use 4 meshes, 2 low poly for game implementation and 2 high poly for texture painting. It did this because it optimizes the uses of memory in the game, by baking the high poly meshes of around 1M Tris (25 MB) on a low poly 2.8k tris meshes (127 KB) and faking the details with a normal map.
I really enjoy making them and I plan that in the future I will make more swords, probably even a game bundle.

The skills that I use making these swords were:

There is room for improvment? Sure it is. Some observations that I can say, refer to the handle texture on the silver sword has a patch of another color, a small mistake, but it make the sword look terrible.

Did I learn something from making this model? Yes.

  1. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Swords workflow
  3. Lightning inside Marmoset
  4. Some Sculpting
  5. Twisting inside Blender

Speed Modeling/Texturing