I tried to recreate the P2020 from Apex Legends.
Using Blender for modeling, Substance Painter for texture
and Marmoset Toolbag 3 / Blender for render

Work time : 13:45h (23.02.2020-01.03.2020)
4:45h Low poly mesh
4:30h High poly mesh
4:00h Texture
0:30h Render


Making this gun helped me improve my hard-surface modeling and texture painting.
Also it was my first time using other software for texturing rather than Blender and I say that I'm quite happy with the results I've got.
The technique that I use for modeling was to have reference of the gun facing sideways so I could have a easier time trying to model it. Also I use 2 meshes, 1 low poly for game implementation and 1 high poly for texture painting. It did this because it optimizes the uses of memory in the game, by baking a high poly mesh of around 850k tris (24 MB) on a low poly 3.5k tris mesh (175 KB) and faking the details with a normal map.
The amount I spend making this gun is justified by the fact that this is my third hard-surface game asset and also I had to learn Substance Painter
I have plans for this gun, I want to rig it and to make basic firing and reload animations.

The skills that I use making this gun were:

There is room for improvement? Of course it is. Some critique that I can add to this gun refers to the fact that the low poly is a bit pointy around the handle edges, also, the writings on the other half is facing the wrong direction, the handle texture is rushed out and in the final, I can say that the buttons and screw could be painted with normal map brushes inside of Substance Painter to speed up the process.

Did I learn something from making this model? Absolutely.

  1. Using Substance Painter.
  2. Making normal details inside Substance Painter
  3. Game asset hard-surface workflow
  4. Working with more special maps

Speed Modeling/Texturing