Vector Art

I began to make vector art in October 2019 and only did this for 1 month.
The images shown above are some of my vector ilustration, they have watermark, because unlike the other projects that I could show my .blend file as a proof, this one could be easly stolen.
The first 2 images were some design that I've made for a t-shirt company and the last one is a poster that I made for an event that held up in December 2019.


Another thing that I like to do is to make visual effects, like the ones in the movies, such as gun shots, bullet holes, broken glass and even some impementetion of 3D models in videos. One of my favorit thing to do in this area of visual effects is to make CGI and one of its basic steps is to track, a quite advance technique.


An important skill that I have aquired in 2017 and still polish to this day, is programming.
Since the first time that I've wrote my first "hello world" program in C++ it's been around 3 years. Normaly I do 2-4 of programming everyday, more than I do 3D models in some days. But unlike 3D modeling, I tend to be consistent about making programs. In the first year I've learned the bases by making sites in HTML and CSS and after that learning my main programming language , C++. In the second year I quited making sites and switched to making video games, this year I was working only on understanding video games and made some basic textbased and 2D ones in GameMaker. And in the year I was going back to the roots and began to learn advanced C++ and to learn and analyze alghoritms. Also I was working on my web development skills and learn basic backend stuff and improve my frontend skills. Nonethenless I've also learnt JavaScript and Python, which are some high level programming languages, more easy to understand than C++.
Now Im planing to learn Unity to implement my 3D models into a game engine and hopefully that by the end of 2020 I would make my first 3D game.