Medieval House

I made a medieval house, inspired by my first attempt of 3D modeling
Using Blender for modeling, Substance Painter for texture
and Marmoset Toolbag 3 for render

Work time : 4:15h (06.03.2020-07.03.2020)
1:20h Low poly mesh
0:20h High poly mesh
2:15h Texture
0:20h Render

This model purpose was to see if I made any improvement in the last 6 months.
Well, I like to see what I did now and I can see some improvement. Also, I didn't realize that Substance doesn't have rock materials so I had to improvise, by making a rock material from a jade one and plaster material from creature teeth.
There is no particular technique I did in this model, just that I delete some faces to save memory and texture space and also did high poly mesh to low poly meshes thing like in the last 3 models, saving some of space, from to 1.25 MB to 90 KB.
In the final I can say that I will use this model in other environmental projects.

The skills that I use making this house were:

There is room for improvment? I think so. This model inspired me to begin to learn Substance Designer to make more textures.

Did I learn something from making this model? Definitely

  1. Being creative with materials.
  2. House workflow
  3. Lightning inside Marmoset
  4. Combining Substance Painter materials with other textures.

Speed Modeling/Texturing