Graphics Animation

Since August 2019 I worked on some Graphical Animation for some private events
The clips that will be shown are from an private party held up in December 2019.

The models were made and animated inside Blender, also some effects were added in Resolume.
Making this animations initialized me in the field of ghrapical animation, it was a fun and memorable experience to work on them. It help me alot understand how Blender work and also how to make creative animations from scratch. Usualy the process of making them is almost the same, I try diferent things in Blender and after I found somthing interesting I translate it to an animation.

Animations Showcase

The first half of video consist of the final product, the first part of each segment is represented by the video people will see, after that will be deocmposed to its base video an recostructed back with the effects. The second part it represend the animation made in Blender.