I made some props and also a ground and combing them to make an environment.
Using Blender for modeling and Unity for integration.

Work time : 3:00h (excuding the 3h in which I learn polybrush)
2:00h Modeling
1:00h Implementation

Also a small project where I learn how to make props.
It was my first time implementing meshes I created in Blender in other software and using polybrush to scatter them around.
I wanted to make everything as lowpoly as I can, beacuse I wanted that the game could be played on phone too.

The skills that I use making this environment were:

There is room for improvment? Probably. I've noticed that I have some meshes that are floating above the ground.

Did I learn something from making this model? Only a few things.

  1. Implementing objects inside Unity.
  2. How to use polybrush in Unity.

Speed Modeling/Texturing