Character Animation

I made a male character and did some animation for him.
Using Blender for Modeling, Rigging and Animating

Work time : 7:45h (excuding the time I learn the animation basics)
0:45h Low Poly Mesh
1:00h Rigging
5:30h Animationg
0:30h Implementing

Making this animation gived me a much good look on how the animation are made.
Also it was my first time making animation and quickly found out that this is a hard task.
I begin to make the character in a low poly style after a human reference, having his body parts separated to make the rigging more easly. After I finished the character I began to rig him and also adding some extra bones for an easy control, after that I made sure that the bones targeted the correct part of the mesh using vertex painting.In the final came the hard part, the animation. I began with a basic walk animation which took me some time to figurate out, also I made a run animation, an idle one, a slash one, a punch one and a stab one, because I wanted my character to made custom attack based on what weapons he used.
The ammount I spend making this animation is justify by the fact that I've never done anything like this before, my old animation didn't included rigged characters, also I didn't add up the time that I learn about the animation.

The skills that I use making this animation were:

There is room for improvment? More than in any project. I really enjoy making this animation, it showed me that I can anyone can make anything if they are willing to do. Also I have alot to learn about animation, it is a subject that was allways fascinated me, but I was too afraid to try it.

Did I learn something from making this model? Alot of things.

  1. Advance Rigging.
  2. Animation principle.
  3. Reusing Animation.
  4. Working with Unity animation system.

Speed Modeling/Texturing