I'm making 3D models consecutively since July 2019.
Altrought my first creation in blender was in 31 January 2019, intitulate "Fireplace", it was my first experience in the 3D field, I was impresed by the massive environment in World of Warcraft and the beauty of Witcher 3 landscapes , so after doing my homeworkws I've found that mostly are made in Maya or 3D Max and quickly found out that these programs cost alot. I was quite disapointed, but then I found Blender, a free 3D program, and jump straight into it. Not long after that I've found that 3D modeling was no joke


My first experience regarding Adobe's programs was in early 2013, when a cousin installed Photoshop cs3 on our family computer. At that time I was fascinated by the fact that I could manipulate any photo and make digital art. The image shown bellow is my first digital "art" in Photoshop CS3, I made it back in 13 Feb 2013 and tried to make the Apple logo and filled it with some random gradient, also I made the texture in the background using noise (I think). After this image I began to learn how to use photoshop for more normal uses, like taking out something out of picture or photo retouching.
I think that to know how to use Adobe's programs is a crucial skill every aspiring designer should have. You never know when you want to edit a short clip or image. Now that Adobe's programs are subscription based rather than one time purchase, I can aford them from my own money.


In the 8th grade I've decided that I wanted to be a programer so I choose a Math and Computer Science and quickly found out that they din't teach any new techology after 2001 so I had to learn programing in my free time. I began to look online for random sites that teach basic languages like HTML and CSS. Also in the summer of 2017 I began to learn C++ on my own and began to analyze game mechanics like dice rolling and loot droping.
The photo bellow is my first site, made in Early 2017. It was a short review of The Witcher 3 and had a quick description of Geralt.
Unfortunately I can not find any of my 2D and textbased games I made and can not show them.