Basic RPG

I tried to make a generic rpg in a low poly style.
Using Blender for modeling/texture
Unity as a game engine and VS2019 for code.

Work time : ~43:00h (unfinished project)
8:00h Models
8:30h Rigging & animation
6:00h Coding
8:00h Implementation (UI & environment)
13:30h Bug fixing / learning


Normally this was my first project for the university portfolio, I thought that will be a great way to show the basic skills in the area of game development, like 3D modeling and coding. Previously I made a bunch of basic games, mostly text-based, to test my abilities of story writing and game design and also I did some 2D ones, copies of retro games like Space Invaders and Mario using GameMaker engine, unfortunately, I don't have any of the games on this hard drive.
This game started on day 1 and finished on day 23, because I've realized that I can not finish the game on the time that I've proposed to myself, because it had countless bugs and had a lot of exams in school.

Short Devlog:
Day 1: Made the weapons models.
Day 2: Made the human character and did a basic rigging.
Day 3: Made a more complex rig and did some vertex paint.
Day 4: Made low poly environment elements.
Day 5: Made the ground for the game.
Day 7: Assigning a texture map to the current meshes.
Day 8: Implementing the environment into the Unity and scatter the elements around using Polybrush.
Day 9: Adding the human character into the game and code a basic move/interaction script.
Day 10: Made 2 sets of armor and some clothes for the character.
Day 11-16: School Exams.
Day 17: Made inventory system.
Day 18: Made items equipable.
Day 19-21: Other Schools Exams.
Day 22: Made enemy A.I script.
Day 23: Made attacking animation (stab/slash/smash).
Day 23.1: Found a lot of bugs on weapon equip and decided to quit because I didn't have much time left.

What my plan initialy include:

The skills that I use making this game were:

There is room for improvment? Actually, there is a lot of room for improvement. After this failed attempt I've found out that making games, isn't an easy task, but is a challenging and rewarding one. The amount of happiness I've got from seeing the animation and models combined in a game engine and responsive to key inputs was incompressible. I'm looking forward in learning Unity, because it will help me make my own games and help me visualize indoor architecture.

Did I learn something from making this model? More than in any project.

  1. Making animation in Blender.
  2. Using Unity
  3. Making models/texture optimized for low Sspec PC/mobile phones
  4. Working with color maps.
  5. Making UI elements
  6. Unity A.I navigation
  7. Making low poly characters/understanding low poly style
  8. Making low poly weapons/armors