About me

My name is Petre Robert Stefanita. Curently, I'm an 18 years old romanian student at a national collage which dream about owning his own game studio.

Intro into life, early childhood
My passion with video games begin at a relative young age, when my family purchased a computer. My first game that I played was Hercules by Disney, it was a truly amazing experience at that time, to be able to control Hercules. Soon I began to play other legendary titles, like DOOM and Wolfenstein which give a taste for the FPS genre. All of the previous games I played when I was in kindergarten. After I got in school, my family installed internet on our computer and I began to play multiplayer games like Counter Strike 1.6, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Metin 2, which was the biggest MMORPG in Romania at that time, also it was my first introduction to the MMORPGs .Also around that time YouTube appeared and I was fascinated by the Minecraft youtubers and soon started my own channel, I remember that after 1 year I have around 400 videos and 2000 subscribers in 2010, which was great for me at that time.

Intro into digital art, middleschool
Years passed and in the 6th grade, a family member got into photography and I had access to the Photoshop, which was a live changing experience for me, the ability to manipulate photos in which way you want was something very impressing for me. I soon began to look online for tutorials on how to use it and started to make my own edits and artworks. Also at that time I found League of Legends, which turned out to be the game that I waste most of my time for the next few years. In 8th grade I discovered Counter Strike : Global Offensive and wanted to play it at a competitive level, unlike other games that I have played before, I even went to Dreamhack to play amateur matches and see a real tournament. After seeing my first live esports game, I quickly realize that the gaming industry is really big. Also in the 8th grade I needed to choose the highschool I will go, and because I liked maths, I choose to go to an Math and Informatics class and because I had good grades I went to the best highschool in the town.

Intro into programming, beginning of highschool
After my first semester of highschool I was disappointed by the fact I didn't learn anything new about programming. So I have chosen to learn programming on my own. I began with simple things like HTML and CSS, and build some pages to get a got grasp of them. In the summer afterwards I've quitted making websites, because I didn't knew how to deploy them on web and didn't want to make websites just for myself, I was quite naïve and didn't knew the importance of practice. Nevertheless I began to learn C++, which turned out to be my main programming language that I use mostly to this day.

Into into game development, middle of highschool
In that summer I wanted a computer just to play The Witcher 3, because the old one wasn't capable. And because I got good grades my family decided to get me a new one, it was a wonderful time, I had to build and assemble my first PC. In that summer I played The Witcher 1, 2 and 3 and was truly amazed by the beauty of the lore. Soon after that I played for my first time World of Warcraft and quickly found why this was called the best MMORPG. There were many things that fascinated me about this game, like the game has the best world in my opinion, or the fact that is one of the most immersive games and the list goes one. But I had to quit playing it, because I've realised that in a short window of 2 weeks I've played an absurd amount of around 200 hours.
These 2 games motivated me a lot into wanting to make a career in game development. In 10th grade, I began by making text based games using Batch scripts, because I found way easer than to learn an game game engine. My first game that I made was entitled: "TITAN X", it was about the Titan X GPU by Nvidia, the plot was very funny, you began to search your neighborhood in hope that you found your video card, but unfortunately your cat stole it and sold it for some fish. I was quite happy about the result, because I've tell my friends to play it and they were quite entertained by it.
After seeing the "success" that my "game" had, I wanted to took a step further and began to learn how to make a 2D game. I started to use GameMaker to make a top down adventure game and it was quite nice, I still remember how I made 2D sprites using my mouse.

Into into 3D art & computer science, end of highschool
In the spring break of 2019 I've tried to learn Blender, but at that time his interface wasn't beginner friendly and I quitted after a few days. Latter that year, at the beginning of the summer, I gave Blender another chance and quickly build a solid base of 3D modelling. For my 18th birthday, in August, my parents gave me as a gift a pen display. I was very happy and decided that from that moment on I will keep track of my progress in the digital era. And so I done it, by counting up the time I spend on each program and what I make, so since August 2019 to April 2020 I spend around 3.5 hours each day working on my personal skills, such as 3D art area and programming.
The rest could be read in the Beggining Section.

Intro into a new life, university